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When you mention the iconic 'Greek Cuisina' space at 400 SW Washington (4th and Washington) in downtown Portland, most of Portland remembers (or don't :) the giant purple octopus, throwing plates, epic DJ shows and, of course, Ouzo... lots of Ouzo.  After 35 years as downtown's party central, amid a contentious battle with the city over numerous code violations, add to that a foreclosure on the building, the owners had no choice but to shut it down after one final blowout on NYE 2009/2010.


The building was sold and has since undergone a complete restoration from the ground up making it one of the safest buildings in the city.  The 'OPB' building has sat for a few years waiting patiently for a new tenant to bring that same excitement and vibe that has been lost in downtown for almost twelve years. 

Thankfully, the stars aligned, deals were made and 404 Entertainment LLC, led by former BarrelRoom entertainment director Christopher "Kit' Pfeifer, plan to develop two bars in the space. A larger music venue will occupy the main floor and a second smaller underground venue space built in and around the historic preserved downtown tunnel system will bring a speakeasy vibe with curated entertainment and menu to match. Bars will operate as 400 (above) and 400 (below.)


Crossing our fingers for a Spring 2023 opening just in time to celebrate the return of the Rose Festival and the Grand. Floral Parade, which, by the way, makes it historic path right in front of us on SW 4th in June. The opening timeline estimate hinges primarily on supply chain issues affecting almost every part of the project. 400's mission is to return a live music destination bringing local, national and ongoing themed performances to downtown Portland.

Several pre-pandemic Portland nightlife/restaurant influencers have been involved in the project since the beginning and will continue creating a world-class experience through opening.

For more information, booking, media or special event inquiries, please contact

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